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Bolt Action Roll Call

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Hey Guys,

Just jumped onto this new forum after seeing it on Cast Dice. Thought I'd get the Bolt Action section started with a roll call. 

Location: Hunter Valley NSW

Armies: Early French, Lots of Germans and currently working on winter Americans

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3 minutes ago, Magos Kasen said:

I currently have small German and American forces for Battle of the Bulge. Located in Warrnambool (Vic) though.

Haven't had the chance to actually play a game yet but keen to give it a crack soon. 

Awesome mate, it is a great rule set, one of the best in my own opinion. 

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Logged into wargamerau to remember old times and old sites  and read about this and thought I might as well jump over.  I spent many a hour scanning the buy and sell in the hay day of the site.  And now I've jumped into bolt action 🙂   Tassie Based though. 

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I haven't played for quite some time - my focus has been more on Flames of War, and now painting French in Team Yankee.

For Bolt Action. I have US (Rangers), German and British (regulars, commandos).  Would like to play again some day!

Melbourne (Mount Dandenong).  Closest gaming venue is House of War.

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Haven't played yet, don't own the rules at the moment.

 just shelled out for a small British Airborne and British Commando collection thinking of adding some SAS sections to it.

waiting on them to turn up.

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