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Dal G

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I've just found this site. I'm retired now, but not getting as much gaming done as I hoped. I've moved to the NSW south coast, away from my main opponents. I play historical miniatures, mainly late mediaeval, Seven Years War and WWII (NW Europe from '44). I also have a few board wargames, including the Battles of the Age of Reason series and some favourites, like 'Kingmaker, 'Highway to the Reich' and 'La Bataille de la Moscowa'.


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Welcom Dal, it's always good to see more Historical gamers active here. I'm a big fan of the Seven Years War too, have a copy of the Freidrich boardgame which I don't blwo the dust off often enough.

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Big welcome Dal. I am a big fan of historical too. You might enjoy some of Captain Darling's stuff on the Historical board as he is a frequent poster with lots of cool stuff (has a website called "Toy Soldiers for Old Gits" he often inks to as well ) . 


You would not happen to be the same Dal G I talked to many years ago about the later Napoleonic's Prussians (1813-1815 era when I used to Elan rules by Philip Jones here in sunny CBR) uniforms/formations/OOB etc?  Nice to hear from you regardless. 



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