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G’day all from the Slave Dungeon,


This month sees the release of yet more of our new 15mm Fantasy range, The Grim Fantasy. As the rules continue to be worked on and edited for release, we thought that we would continue to fill the ‘New World’ with Characters for players to use.



These sculpts have been done by Mike Broadbent and we are incredibly pleased with how they have come out.


Our first release is the much-anticipated Red Hood Huntress pack. Some of the toughest fighters in the Grim World are the Elite Red Hood, they have been sent to deal with the Werewolf menace in Armbraid. The pack contains 4 different posed one-piece metal figures for $5AU.




Next is pack one and two of the Male Pilgrims, all are uniquely posed Characters and have a variety of different weapons. The pack also contains 4 different posed one-piece metal figures for $5AU.





Finally, we have the Female Pilgrims and children pack. This might seem a strange one to have, but in the game, the mother/child combo make for quite a strong character. This pack also contains 4 different posed one-piece metal figures for $5AU.




One more thing before I go, don’t forget the September 5th Birthday discount when you place an order.




Well that’s all for this release, please feel free to contact us here in the Dungeon I you have any questions.

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