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Song of Drums and Shakos AAR - Ottomans vs Russians 1810

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This fortnight we returned to the Song of Drums and Shakos rules, we played the Attack on the Farm House Scenario. Dave and Maurice took command of the colourful Ottomans and I girded up my loins and led the out numbered but better trained Russians.

The Story...
With Captain Popoff on leave to receive an award after his glorious victory over marauding Turks Sergeant Putin redeployed their small picket force from the bloody site of their last action to a farm house behind a small brook. This would allow the men time to regroup and rest. They believed they had broken contact with the Turks they had just defeated, they were wrong! Meanwhile Bashi Bazouk leaders Yildiz and Arslan stung from their setback gathered reinforcements and pursued the cursed Russians and they vowed to catch them and slay them...all of them!


The Ottomans split their forces and half advanced on their left toward the bridge down the road and the rest moved forward through the forest directly toward the farm house. The Russians too split their force the majority held the farm's fence line while four Musketeers formed a skirmish line to delay any attack over the bridge! The Turk advance across the stream through the woods moved forward in fits and starts as casualties inflicted on them caused many of the Bashis to hesitate! Meanwhile the charge across the bridge looked promising but they Russian Musketeers fought a masterly delaying action. This delay meant the Turk left arrived at the farm house without support from the right and in a close run thing they were held off and the Turks morale was broken!

Russian Musketeers fired volley after volley with great effect at the advancing Turks! The shell indicates the figures weapons are unloaded.


The Russians in the field by the farm covering the bridge slowly retiring before a 'horde' of Turks!


Igor and Boris make their stand!


A near run thing! The Turks almost overrun the Russians defending the farm house but break just when victory seemed in their grasp!


The full AAR with more pictures is on the TSOG blog! Song of Drums always gives us a great game!

TSOG Blog Link

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