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Song of Drums & Shakos AAR French vs Russians This Time!

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We were set for some colonial action last Monday but that game was delayed so we played another Song of Drums and Shakos game as the rules, figures etc were all still close at hand from our last session. We played one of my home-grown scenarios using French and Russians forces, Capture the Bridge!

Here's how the game played out...

Both sides entered the battlefield in two groups, the French light troops deftly negotiated the fields and prepared to ford the stream while Lieutenant Francois busy sipping Napoleon Brandy and smoking a Gauloises cigarette (I know the time line issues there!) lackadaisically led his Fusiliers forward. Meanwhile the Russians commanded by Captain Beria entered along the road and fanned out as they neared the bridge. The game then split into two actions as the French Voltigeurs crossed the stream and entered into a firefight with the Russian Musketeers while the French Fusiliers slowly moved up and faced off against the Russian Grenadiers. Both took light losses in the musketry duels and the final turns saw a lunge forward by all toward the bridge! The skirmish ended with the French in a better position despite losing three men to the Russians two casualties.

Jaunty French Voltigeurs taunt their Russian foes!


Lieutenant Francios suffered from bad luck with the dice, he lagged behind his advancing men quickly leaving them out of his command range!


Russians Musketeers opened up on the French as they crossed the stream and two Voltigeurs were hit!


A last turn pot shot by Sergeant Davide just missed the Russians on the bridge! 


The TSOG Blog has more pictures, the OOB and other stuff here...

TSOG Blog Link


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