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Maschinen Krieger (MA.K) in 15mm.

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Hello once again from the Slave Dungeon,


Today we have some exciting news for Sci-fi lovers. Slave 2 Gaming will be releasing Maschinen Krieger (MA.K) in 15mm!


For the past 18 months Mike Broadbent and I have been in discussions with Kow Yokoyama (the creator of MA.K) and Scott Hards of HobbyLink Japan fame, with the plan to create the well know Sci-fi model kit range into a 15mm size.


Release date is planned for some time in early 2021, barring some other crazy worldwide event happening! Discussions are still underway to have a rules system to support the miniature range. Something similar to the old board game, but as of yet there are no plans.

You can check out all our great products at www.slave2gaming.com

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Colour me intrigued... I have no idea what I would do with MaK figures (and perhaps a hover-tank?) but I'll be keen as to snag some once they're released! Perhaps StarGrunt?

I was always fascinated by the 1/35 model kits as a young lad (late 70s / early 80s, when I was building plastic kits)... but I don't collect and paint stuff just so that it can collect dust... so never bought any.

Will be keeping a close eye on this one...



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