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Question on 40Hammers GT pack Missions for Tourneys

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I'm co-TOing a smallish in-house GT format40K tourney next week and I have to pick/write the missions, at Incursion size, we're also going with the ones that deploy short edge to short edge, because of space. we're also playing 2 games Wednesday then 3 games Sunday - best 3 scores count.

All missions have the boring as batshit take and hold objectives as their primaries, which I'm thinking of ditching and try the optional secondaries as the main scorers

. To minimise paperwork and ensure that we're comparing apples we're going to ditch the choose your own adventure secondaries and agendas. 

My Question is: anyone have any experience with the GT mission pack?

Thoughts on ditching big chunks of the GT mechanics? 

Advice on getting a decent score spread - Mission VPs? or 10 for a win 5 for a draw typeof thing?

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