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So.  I guess I'll kick things off and introduce myself.

I'm based in Canberra and have been involved in tabletop gaming since about 1993 when 2nd ed 40k came out.  I got into 40k thanks to Space Crusade and to a lesser degree Hero Quest.

I've always preferred the Sci-fi settings over Fantasy or Historical when it comes to gaming.

My first army in 40k was Orks, closely followed by Eldar.  I don't have an Ork army anymore, but I do have Tryanid, Custodes, Steel Legion, Eldar armies and an entire chapter of Space Marines of the Celestial Lions.  I've played a whole host of games over the years and am slowly getting back into the actual gaming side of thigns after 7 odd years of not gaming thanks to living overseas (where there were very few gamers) and having a kid.  I'm currently getting into Infinity and am playing the Pan Oceania faction because I liked their models the most.

I've been involved with the community in various capacities from forum moderator / admin on WAU in the past to TO of various events, including 40k at CanCon over the years.

I'm working and developing my artistic skills through various courses ranging from drawing to 3D animation, as I am finding myself more drawn to the visual / artistic side of the hobby over the competitive side.

I've created this forum for several reasons. I wanted to try starting a new community that is inclusive and friendly and doesn't have the same ephemeral nature of social media using a modern piece of forum software.  I want to try and get the various communities around Australia centralised again and have a welcoming community that engages with each other in a friendly manner so that we can all share and discuss our love for the hobby.

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I'm CuChullain; I was CuChullain on the all the incarnations of WargamerAU I was involved with, too.

I've been playing WFB since 4th edition (almost exclusively Chaos) and 40K since 3rd (Chaos, Tyranids, Guard), although more I recently I was involved more in the modelling/painting side of the hobby, and even more recently I've kind of dropped out of the hobby completely. I'm using the new forum as an opportunity to re-kick start my interest in the hobby.

I've also played table-top RPGs (D&D, Rolemaster, Call of Cthulhu, mainly) and have played video games since the Atari 2600 (and before: I remember being very jealous of a mate's Pong game). I still play Xbox and PC games but haven't role-played for a long time. 


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14 minutes ago, CuChullain said:

I'm using the new forum as an opportunity to re-kick start my interest in the hobby.

I'm glad the forums are helping to provide an impetus for you to get back into the hobby!

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I'm Kn'thrak, I lurked on the original ausgamers forum, and posted sparingly outside of BSS on the WAU forum.

Got into WHFB late in 5th ed, dabbled in 40k over the years and after 6th ed 40k spent most of my time playing Epic.


Last couple of years I've managed to get back into gaming in the growing KoW scene here in Vic.


Blatant Plug - if you're in VIC on the 14th of March, head to PakEX at the Outlook Center in Pakenham.  It's a community demo day we're running where you can try your hand at a number of board games and RPG's, completely free of charge.  Check it out on friendface https://www.facebook.com/pakenhamexpo/

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Greatings all! so many familiar names bringing back the halcyon days of WAU.

Saxon here, long time game, having played pretty much everything at one tiome or another.  Currently discovering the joys of Kings of War in the Melbourne scene and hoping to make it some interstate tournaments soon!

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