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Maschinen Krieger in 15mm now available at Slave 2 Gaming

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G’day from the Slave Dungeon,

Welcome to another year, one that we are starting with a big release. From the brainchild of Sensei Kow Yokoyama, Slave 2 Gaming is proud to announce the release of Maschinen Krieger in 15mm.

This release is still fairly small with only 5 Units per Army, these being a testing of the waters for the Ma.K universe & a set point to planning for the future.


Before we go any further, there are a few people to thank for helping this to happen, however, I will keep it short. Kow Yokoyama (Creator of Maschinen Krieger), Scott Hards (Hobbylink Japan), Mike Broadbent (Sculpting, moulding & casting), Jayden Barr (Grand Scale Games), Kye Moran (Killing Prints).

The first cab off the ranks is the Independent Mercenary Army (IMA). We see 3 types of Armoured Fighting suits: AFS Mk 1, AFS Mk 2, Super Armoured Fighting Suit (SAFS).
We also see 2 different Walkers: the Jerry and the Goblin, the Goblin pack comes with both the Rotary Machine Gun and the Rocket Launcher attachments.





The Strahl Democratic Republic (SDR) also has 3 packs of Suits; the Konrad, Gustav & Heinrich.
The SDR 2 packs of Walker, these being the Krote & Pak Krote.







All the Suit packs have 6 various posed figures, while each Walker pack contains a single figure. All packs are A$13.50 and are cast in metal. We do have LIMITED STOCK with this release, but we can restock within a week, so we won’t have a stock level on the website.

Now, there have also been some questions about rules for the figures. At this time, we have put up links on the Slave 2 Gaming website to the 1980’s board game rules and our own house rule adaptation of these rules. We have also spoken to Robin Fitton to have cards made to use these figures to play Gruntz.

Our own plans to make an official Maschinen Krieger in 15mm will be based around how well the range does.

That’s a about all for now, you can check out these new releases plus all our other products at www.slave2gaming.com

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