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Owners of the most disgusting models in the galaxy, rejoice - your book is on the way

7 (Geddit) New Death Guard Rules

Here's last week's article - mentions plague companies.

Shocking no-one, they're getting some neat buffs and for anyone who said "GW will give more D2+ weapons to deal with 2 wound space marines, thus creating a new baseline for power in 40k" - looks like you were correct.

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Mortarion is looking tough and unkillable like any good primarch should be.  I think he's causing people a few headaches trying to figure out how to deal with him.

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5 hours ago, BearPowers said:

Morty is an absolute beast. Honestly looks like he can stand up to so much punishment. Struggling to think what would be a solid counter to him.

If you can reliably dish out lots of mortal wounds somehow?

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One of the guys at the club has come up with  a horrifying DG Deathstar. 

Well tooled up Daemon Prince - Wretched 

3x3 Units of Deathshroud Termies

Lord of Virulence

Some Poxies.

He's taken to barreling forward with the DP, keeping the Deathshrouds with in 3" so their Bodyguard rule means you can't target the DP, and out of LOS so you can't target them either. So to even look like shooting at the DP you have to take out 9 out of LOS Disgustingly Resilient Termies first. On a 44x30 table you only get 1 maybe 2 turns of shooting. 

I'm going to try a Bladeguard beatstick

Any other ideas?


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That sounds interesting. If the Daemon Prince has wings, I'm not sure how the Terminators would keep pace with the Daemon Prince.
My experience is limited to normal boring Chaos, though - across both 8th and 9th editions I have managed one game against Nurgle in all its forms.

I tell you what I do like for dealing with characters, though - Eliminators. Depending on what chapter you run, they'll pressure his Daemon Prince nicely.

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