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10 Candles - A Tragic Horror Game


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Thought I would pop something a little different here.

10 Candles is a Tragic Horror game by Cavalry Games.  I came across it when a good mate of mine and a former regular at my RPG games (until he moved to Tasmania for work) said he was up for a whirlwind visit and if I could squeeze a game in he would appreciate it.  Originally I was going to do a D&D one shot adventure.  But after a little looking around for some inspiration I came across this game.  

Now my regular RPG guys are not the best at the story driven stuff on their own (they depend on me a fair bit to lay the scene as they are much more the hack and slash types).  But; I was very impressed with how this game played out.  Our first time through went REALLY well.  Which I was actually pretty surprised at, but also has stimulated the desire of those that played to have another crack which I think speaks volumes for the quality of the game.

I would firmly recommend it to anyone and happy to help out if someone does end up trying it out.


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