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Apps for helping with D&D


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Hi all, 

I have been using (and have managed to persuade my players to adopt it too) the Lion's Den Apps: Fight Club & Game Master.  I use Version 5 (As in Fight Club 5 and Game Master 5) and they are a really useful and nifty app for recording and tracking both Player Characters as well as adventures.  It has a little bit of a learning curve; plus you need to find compendium files (which depending on legality of which I don't know I could post up here) to get the full value out of them.

I found the compendium files all online and it was a cinch to get them into the apps.  But once you are up and running you can move the files between the two apps so I can take my players characters and drop them into the Game Master app to then put them into encounters which can then track initiative, HP, actions and the like.  They are very useful.  I did pay to fully unlock them straight away, so I don't know if they are all that useful in their free to use format.

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