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Just walked out of a big mist... and all has changed :-0

Lord Wealdhere

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Hello fellow gamers,

It is a sad but a true tale... Many years ago I found myself having fallen into a big sleep. And now, as I walk out of this heavy bank of mist, I find not only that the game I loved to play has unceremoniously been OOP'ed; my miniatures have become OOP'ed; and, that I have very likely have also become OOP'ed as well!

In fact the wargaming board that I used to be a member of, and that used to be the rage in this great southern land, has vanished without a trace! Along with all those of hundreds of fanatic gamers that frequented said forum! 

I can only put it down to our drinking wells having been contaminated by goblin snotvials! A vexatious hex indeed...

But hurray, I have found this place! With halls filled with good cheer and haughty wargaming frolic. 

I now, am, content 🙂

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Hi Krefey. Good to see you carrying on the wau tradition with this new site. A damn fine bit of work it is too by the way. Congrats to you and the team of moderators!

So... as you might have guessed. I've been out of the scene for a little while (days of 40k beakies and WHFB 3rd edit) , and then a few months ago I walked into a GW store. First things I noticed was the excellent minis (they really are!), then I noticed some pricetags (mmmm), and then I noticed that some of the WHFB races I collected were nowhere to be seen. Got into a quick chat with a GW staff member who was (very excitedly) telling me all about the how the world did a mea culpa (ouch to the lore I say, but that's just my opinion). Went through the list of my armies waiting to come in from the cold, and I reckon close to half of them have exit-ed stage left.

Gritted my teeth inwardly, smiled and said goodbye. Thought about sticking to playing with older rules (WHFB 6th), and then not long ago heard about GW working on its Old World project.

But, having basically funded GW & Citadel before they were even a public company, I've decided I'm done with their arms race, eh sorry, I mean updates & new releases (that I'm sure will continue with even the Old Warhammer World revival). So I'm giving Mantic my vote & support. So expect to see me mostly on your Kings of War, Vanguard, Armada pages.

It's good to be back, and again thanks for making it possible 😉

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@Lord Wealdhere my gaming addiction is Battletech.  The good thing about that game is the miniatures and rules I bought in the very early 90s are still usable and mostly valid today (a few minor tweeks to the rules). The bad thing is no one plays the game much any more and there isn't a whole lot of interest. Few stores are stocking Battletech products (though that is slowly changing thanks to a very successful Kickstarter). One issue is the game isn't quick and easy,  plus the game relies on basic math skills and some understanding of using strategy. I'm not sure kids these days have those skills. 

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I am a warhammer refugee too but have found a happy place in Kings of War (KoW) and a use for my (OOP) GW gobbos. So you don't have to but any GW stuff anymore - mantic and many other great companies and then there is 3d print if that is your thing. I actually enjoy the multibase approach for KoW but plenty of folks use movement tray and their singularly based WH figs. I do miss the Warhammer Fantasy lore but I remember enough to be ok with it. Yeah not interested in Age of Smegma at all and except for the occasional paint have lived GW free for many enjoyable years.

Welcome aboard.


Take care

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