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Carry cases (?) for multi-based miniatures / dioramas. Thoughts, suggestions?

Lord Wealdhere

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Just read an interesting post from Goatface in another topic where he/she also mentioned the favourable use of Pelican cases to transport multi-based minis / dioramas. Not sure which pelican case though

Would love to hear what setups  / products other fellow gamers use, maybe product pics, likes/dislikes, typical $ you can expect to spend, any favourite suppliers.... 

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I made this:

spacer.pngThe metal trays can be rearranged (all the slots down the sides). All my mini’s get magnets in the base so are pretty secure when they travel. 

Have plans to make a smaller version as this one is a behemoth and can easily transport 5,000 plus points of models with rule books in the top and a bit of terrain. 

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Unfortunately yes it is too large to really be checked in for a flight.  That is why I do plan on the "Lite" version that will be for a single army.

In regard to Pelican Cases in my contract Design work I do a lot of work for a company that houses its electronic gear in pelican cases.  They regularly use 1200 sized cases which would be good for a small skirmish game (say up to 15 figures) up to the 1650 size that would give my carry case a run for its money (has wheels, extendable handle etc.) but could handle a lot of models in a very safe unit (although pricey).

I have also dealt with their rifle cases (for the same company to store survey poles in) and they would be great for storage of terrain or the like although some of those can be quite slim.

With Pelican cases you can also specify to have different types of pluck foam that could be useful, or go bare bones and get your foam from somewhere else.

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