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Nervous Buyer 3D Supplier Recommendations

Lord Wealdhere

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Well, it's time 🙂 Time to get into 3D printing. There are so many great STLs out there!

Done the research and it's going to be an FDM printer, but I wanted to reach out and get the community's recommendations on reliable 3d sellers. 

My search on the net for Australia keeps coming up with plenty of 3D companies that deliver 3D printing & scanning services, but I'm surprised that I am not finding some major 3D sellers. The sellers I am finding seem to be niche / small businesses with mobile tel numbers, but no shopfront etc etc. so I am quite nervous especially as I am looking to buy a Prusa (but the cheaper Ender is also on my list). Things playing on my mind include backup & warranty, and the ability to actually reach back to somebody who just hasn't got an email address or mobile contact.  Locations that I have found also tend to be Melb and QLD (nothing in Canberra? Sydney?). Would love some pointers on where you have bought your printers, and any shared experiences to look out for 🙂


Have decided to order direct from the Czech Republic as it will end up being cheaper, even after shipping, customs & GST. Happy days!


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