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[SMS] New Aussie based paint range


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This just came up in my FB feed. Interested in trying them out.



Infinite Colour is our brand new WATER BASED paint range, designed specifically for miniature and figure painters and can also be used on scale models. 

Infinite Colour features a strong adhesion on many different mediums (including plastics, resins, metals, timbers etc), has a strong vibrant pigment, is designed specifically for hand brushing applications, can be thinned with water (for creating glazes, or thinning for airbrushing) and cleaned up with water. 

The first wave of colours will consist of 48 (33 Primary, 5 Fluro, and 10 Skin Tones) and more will release in 2022. Colour Guides will be ready later in the week. 

Infinite Colour will finally launch to the market on December 4th 2021 through our website and stockists across Australia. International territories coming in 2022. 

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14 minutes ago, Kn'Thrak said:

I've been harping on about their airbrush paints for years.  Magnificent - the best paint I've ever used, however it's thinner based.


For this?  I've decided i'm going all in.  

I will at least try one or two first.  Any given paint range may just not suit a given painter.

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Release date is 4th Dec:


We are super busy packing the orders of Infinite Colour that are heading to stores for the official launch on December 4th! 

You'll be able to find the first wave of Infinite Colour at the following stores : 

Andrew's Hobbies (Ravenhall)
Metro Hobbies (Box Hill) 
Metro Hobbies (Melbourne CBD)
Hobby Creations (Dandenong)
Guf Werribee (Werribee)
Guf Geelong (Geelong)
Guf Ballarat (Ballarat)
Guf Bendigo (Bendigo)
Kits N Krafts (Ballarat)
House of War (Ringwood) 

Frontline Hobbies (Newcastle) 
Hobbies Factory (Ourimbah) 
The Hobby Drop (Online)

Manscale Models (Kallangur - online) 
Scale Autos (Mackay) 
Heretics Haven (Nambour) 
Gap Games (The Gap) 

Somerset Models (Gawler)

Hobby Tech Toys (Myaree)
SIK Hobbies (Rockingham) 

Little Train Shop (Launceston) 

NEW ZEALAND (available mid December) 
Franklin Hobbies (Pokeno - Online) 

More will be added to the list, so if you would like to see these in your local hobby shop, ask them to get in touch with us! 

#smspaints #thescalemodellerssupply #scalemodellerssupply #scalemodelling #miniaturepainting #australianmade #minipainting #hobbypaint #innovatenotimitate

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3 hours ago, Plasman said:

So would there be any reason to suspect these wouldn't be suitable for minis (as opposed to model kits)? I wonder what the price will be, and if there will be any bundles.

Yes to the bundles.  I think I saw $5.50 somewhere and yes, they are fine for minis.

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