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KoW 2022 Gobbos


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These Gobbo boys are a bit fickle but, if you are a lucky roller of the D6 then you might do alright. Having said that the Groany Sark is a bit OP at the moment. Still as a Gobbo player I will run with any advantage I can. Fly 20", then get a wiz to support you with shadow beast 8 (statistically mean getting another 4 hits at blast D3 melee). Nasty! Give the wiz the Library Host Shadowbeast (8) and either stick him on a mount or,  give the item that add 6" inch to  spell range. Lol watch your opponent get surprised when Groany takes out a regiment of chaff in 1 turn. But don't forget that dreaded roll of 1 for the Mini-Winggit Flight Suit. Hello, what the hell is going on here they will say! Whilst they are mesmerized with Groany smash 'em with your trolls/Luggits or,  even better taunt them with your jokes (dad/lame jokes are the best) whilst eating chips/twisties rather loudly (lots of off crunching). That seems to unsettle them I found (ok it has been 1 game but hey its great to not get thrashed by turn 4 ). For a change the gobbo's have a chance (let us not get too excited as they are only gobbos).

Take care out there and stay safe everybody. Next game in a week or so. Apparently my opponent is pretty miffed and really seem to not like Groany so should be laugh/defeat. He is much better/experienced player. Wil try for more surprises like detonating trolls or mincer regiment with the crystal of retribution. 


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