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Vertical space in gaming

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So I've been thinking a bit about terrain and games. Something I realised is that vertical space doesn't really get used much. Most games tend to happen on 2, maybe 3 "levels".

I guess it's a case of there isn't a huge advantage of "going high" in a lot of rules sets.

What would make using vertical space / terrain more appealing in a game?

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Necromunda is my game of choice, so verticality has always been a part of that.
i'm sure there are probably other rules that have an ever greater emphasis on it - but this is the one i know - and i love it. both the advantages your ganger's get from being high, and the risks you take should you get hit while up there.

cost is the main barrier these days, i think - at least for me.
I do have a decent collection of plastic terrain, but it is still difficult to get some good heights going.

my 90s playgroup had 3 sets of the core Necromunda box, and 2 of Outlanders - sadly we all grew apart, so i've only got my copies of those these days - maybe i should try track down another set of each to relive the days when we had 6 storey+ towers. (although cost is probably still an issue for retro card terrain in good condition these days...)

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I think the biggest thing to make use of vertical space more appealing in games is actually having a ruleset that supports the advantages (and disadvantages) that you get from going high

Unfortunately most game designers seem to have difficulty with getting the balance right, which means that instead of going high being useful, in many games it becomes more of a hindrance (e.g. shooting ranges when shooting down should be measured parallel to the tabletop due to the increased range that height gives you, but when shooting at a model that is higher the range should be measured from model to model, but in most games it's one or the other)

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