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Call for playtester interest: sci-fi tabletop RPG/wargame hybrid in development

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Hi there! Mark here. I'm an indie game designer. Some of you might know my computer game work with Membraine Studios, most recently ADEPTUS TITANICUS: DOMINUS. Most likely, though, you've never heard of any of my games.  🙂

Now that I have moved on from Membraine, I'm trying my hand at some different things, and I've been working on some "space opera" sci-fi TTRPG/wargame hybrid rules—in tone, somewhere between STAR WARS and ALIEN/BLADE RUNNER; rules-wise, somewhere between ALIEN RPG and SPACE HULK. (Yes, I realise that's a pretty wide gap.)

I'm getting to the point where I need to start running some regular games with the system to start confirming design principles and fixing things that are lame, and my friends are too nice—I need to hear the voices of players who can offer constructive criticism and who are willing to bounce ideas around if something in the game design is not working as hoped.

To that end I'm hoping there might be some keen RPG players I might host here for some intro games, and later a short campaign. I'm in Berowra, which is at the northern end of Sydney.

Alternatively, if there is an existing player group keen to participate, I could potentially come to you.  🙂

Please message me if you're keen to join in the fun. Thanks for reading.


P.S. Hope it's okay to post stuff like this here, Admins. Let me know if not.

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