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Chain of Command - Malaya 1942 Mini Campaign - Game 3 AAR

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Game three of our Malaya 1942 Campaign is done and dusted! As the Japs were stymied last time it is a replay of that scenario but slightly further down the road, so again we are playing a Probe game.

The Japanese and Australian deployments started equally but a flood of Japanese reinforcements had them outnumbering their enemy and successfully infiltrating the jungle around the Aussie right. The Aussie CO tried to distract the Japanese launching an attack on the Japanese left supported by a mighty Lanchester A/C! This surprised the Japanese but they correctly persisted with their advance and under extreme pressure the Aussies withdrew forestalling a total Japanese victory.

So the result; a Japanese Victory and an Australian Losing Draw!

The full AAR with more pictures, OOBs and Campaign updates is on the TSOG Blog...

TSOG Blog Link!

Some pictures...
Aussie Infantry support a mighty Lanchester Armoured Car manned by the SSVF...


The reserve Aussie section (understrength) arrive on the battlefield to engage the Japanese right...


Japanese Sniper, Jōtōhei Sanyo takes a shot at the Aussies, clever figure placement by the Japanese player!


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