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Marvel Crisis Protocol rules question - list building


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Rules question for building lists. When you make a list, you select 10 characters. When you build the squad for the game, you select from those 10 based on points.
For an affiliation, you need to have more than half your squad from thay affiliation.
Do any of the models that you may choose that aren't part of that affiliation get the affiliation bonuses like leadership skills? Or does it only affect those part of the affiliation list.
For example, if I ran beast, storm, wolverine and juggernaut as an xmen squad, could juggernaut benefit from Storm's leadership?
My inclination is to say no
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I haven't played MCP - though i own the core box, and a few additional characters, so i really should try it (I won a copy from my FLGS for launch), but reading the rules, i thought your inclination is correct (based on the Avenger's example) - however, this article says Juggernaut (in your example) would get the bonus:



certain heroes have powerful leadership abilities that are only active for the whole squad when the particular affiliation is unlocked.

reddit seems to agree:


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