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[GW]The Aranthian Succession: Vaults of Temenos Serves up Saints, Sinners, and Savage Skirmishes


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Cinderak City burns. With the supposed death of Lord Helmawr and the ensuing succession crisis tearing Necromunda apart in an orgy of gang violence and scheming, a mysterious prophet arises at the head of a Redemptionist crusade determined to take Hive Temenos.

The next chapter of Necromunda’s grand story continues in a new campaign book, The Aranthian Succession: Vaults of Temenos

NEC VaultsTemenos Mar17 Image1

Like much of the Imperium, Necromunda is built upon the bones of martyrs, and faith is a fundamental part of everyday life. In the wake of the disastrous events described in Cinderak Burning, the people turn to saints and relics to save them, and a Great Pilgrimage led by a Redemptionist Prophet has drawn thousands of members to its ranks. Whoever this prophet is, though, he has nothing to do with House Cawdor – much to the chagrin of Lord Mormae, Thane of Cawdor.

Vaults of Temenos traces this twisted story of faith, heresy, and long-lost secrets with over 40 pages of narrative background that bring the events on Necromunda up to date. This lore also supports part two of the Succession Campaign – Road to Temenos.

NEC VaultsTemenos Mar17 Image2

You’ll find all the rules you need to play this violently flavourful campaign, including benefits for aligning with certain factions, as well as holy relics – sainted objects that instil powerful boons – and rules for designing your very own spiritual paraphernalia. There are seven narrative scenarios themed around the events of the Great Pilgrimage, which you can weave into your campaign or play as one-off skirmish games.

The book details four Dramatis Personae: the Prophet of the Redemption, Axon Hammer, Durgan Kill-Fist, and Scrutinator-Primus Servalen. There’s also a heavily-armoured profile for the Guild of Coin Ironcrawlers

NEC VaultsTemenos Mar17 Image4

You’ll find plenty of new rules for Cawdor gangs in the ash wastes, including crew profiles for both Cawdor and Redemptionist Road Preachers, new Cawdor Way-Brethren – foolhardy souls who pilot the rickety Ridge Walkers – as well as Vehicle Gang Tactics. 

For the Palanite Enforcers, the book includes rules for Hardcase Cyber-Mastiffs and Sanctioner Automata.

NEC VaultsTemenos Mar17 Image3

You’ll be able to experience the rapture of these revelations and more when The Aranthain Succession: Vaults of Temenos goes on pre-order in the near future.

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