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  1. Figured to start a historical painting diary as part of a display project that I want to undertake this time next year. It's the refight of Borodino using FoGN 2 rules. I will try to complete an army corps or two every three months. That's my plan. Going to finish off Junot's VII Corps (1812) that I submitted for this month's paint challenge - I am still missing completion of two commander stands plus additional infantry and artillery stands. Once done, I will switch over to work on the Russian Siever's 4th Cavalry Corps of the 2nd Western Army. And then return to French side for either Latour
  2. Recently we played The Battle of Teugen-Hausen using Blucher rules! The scenario was sourced from the oldmeldrumwargamsgroup site, they have a lot of well prepared scenario on their site! A map of the battlefield to help when reading the below... Dave and George commanded the Austrians and Maurice and I the French. Victory would go to the side that occupied Teugen and Hausen at the end of the game or broke the opposition. The main French advanced quickly occupying Teugen and heading toward Hausen, their light cavalry covering their left flank. The A
  3. We were set for some colonial action last Monday but that game was delayed so we played another Song of Drums and Shakos game as the rules, figures etc were all still close at hand from our last session. We played one of my home-grown scenarios using French and Russians forces, Capture the Bridge! Here's how the game played out... Both sides entered the battlefield in two groups, the French light troops deftly negotiated the fields and prepared to ford the stream while Lieutenant Francois busy sipping Napoleon Brandy and smoking a Gauloises cigarette (I know the time line issues ther
  4. This fortnight we returned to the Song of Drums and Shakos rules, we played the Attack on the Farm House Scenario. Dave and Maurice took command of the colourful Ottomans and I girded up my loins and led the out numbered but better trained Russians. The Story... With Captain Popoff on leave to receive an award after his glorious victory over marauding Turks Sergeant Putin redeployed their small picket force from the bloody site of their last action to a farm house behind a small brook. This would allow the men time to regroup and rest. They believed they had broken contact with the Turks
  5. With the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo last Thursday we decided to ‘do’ Waterloo. We would to play our game with 6mm figures on 40mm x 20mm bases representing Brigades using Blucher Rules on an 1800mm x 1000mm playing field. So, with around 1500 little soldiers o the table we went for it! Dave controlled the Allied Army, George the Prussians and Marcus and I took command of the French. The battle began using the armies historical deployment! Initially the French made a wide flanking move on the Allied right while masking Hugomont. This turned into a major battle involving two
  6. Ive been studying La Bataille de Ligny by CoA to get ready for some 15mm action at Waterloo.
  7. We played this game using Blucher rules a few weeks ago with yet another scenario from the ‘oldmeldrumwargamesgroup’ team. This time we played the Battle of Grossbeeren (must be a good scenario as it has the word beer in it!). Here's how the battle developed, there were three main phases; the initial French advance, secondly the French IV Corp trying to breakout of the woods near Blackenfeld while the French VII Corps secured Grossbeeren and then finally the Prussian attack to capture Gossbeeren and the heights. The battle begins as the French IV Corps emerges from the woods before P
  8. Was due to catch up with mates on Monday night but our fortnightly game but sadly these nights are now temporarily on hold. Anyway I had set up a Song of Drums & Shakos game so thought what the heck I'll go ahead and play it solitaire! We'll still play it as a group eventually! Both sides patrols were tasked with occupying a foot bridge during the aftermath of the Battle of Gorodetschna August 1812. The Austrians got off to a better start than the Russians and were able to get their men into Victory Point earning positions early. After that the Russians were on struggle street ne
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