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  1. Well my trying to dip a toe back into 40k has worked just as I planned - I landed a new FIFO job and thus have no more time or energy to invest and actually play the game!
  2. Jumped into a bit of Phoenix Point, a PC "spiritual successor" to X-Com, by the original creator I think. Fishy alien mutation virus emerging from the oceans to assault humanity, surviving splinter factions to assist or attack, that sort of thing. It's 3/4 decent, the presentation and polish falls just a little short but it's a fun enough game. Uses ballistics for firing weapons as opposed to just hit/miss dice rolls.
  3. Fascinating. I suppose it makes sense for kids or people who just want to casually play it over time with mates, but anyone dedicated is just going to drop money on what they want for their army.
  4. https://www.warhammermortalrealms.com/ Interesting, I have a vague memory of them doing this style of thing with the Lord of the Rings mini game about 17 years ago. I'm not interested in AoS, but I'm looking at it trying to work out what kind of value for dollar GW offers here compared to purchasing normally.
  5. Hopefully this gets seen all the way down here.... I've managed to get sucked into the standalone STALKER "mod" Anomaly. Been playing the STALKER games on and off for years, they have a seriously huge rabbit hole of mods, very impressive considering how damned janky the games/game engine is. Anomaly essentially smooshes all three vanilla games worlds/maps together in an updated game engine, sprinkles a huge dusting of other overhaul mods all over it then serves piping hot. Happily it has in game options to reduce the balls hard difficulty and crippling economy of the world, but even tweak
  6. Exactly why I thought it'd have made new sense just to go to truescale marine models and rules without adding primaris fluff.
  7. Is this GW admitting "Hmm we should have just launched truemarine models as SMs and updated their rules to reflect the fluff instead of shoehorning in SUPER MUHREENS"
  8. First FAQ is out and the amount of stuff they have to clarify or outright add is a joke. Good old GW huh
  9. As someone from 5th, all these command points and VPs we have to track is quite daunting. The CP system in general, I dunno I get they wanted to give players more choices to make but it really seems like the main focus of the game now.
  10. Plasman


    How the hell does one even play tabletop solo?
  11. Have you used powders before? I've got two kinds from back 2 basix I've had for YEARS I'm yet to use... even have a spare marine sprue I've painted some of the bolters etc on with the intention of using the powders and spray varnishing them to see how they go but I've not got around to it yet...
  12. Huh, only just learned GW revived KT and has been supporting it strongly for a while! Can anyone comment on how it plays? There's certainly an appeal for only needing a tiny force to play it.
  13. That's a really beautiful aussie rural board there! Did they really only have Lewis guns? I thought they had a Vickers, I'm sure a single pan of Lewis ammo wouldn't be much good even if it hadn't jammed!
  14. Pretty grim sort of scenario! I'd find "everyone vs QLD" more believable 😂
  15. Only just got on and approved, strangely enough there's no notification for me when people request, I have to go into the group page to see...
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