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  1. Compared to their normal army starter sets, $200 per faction in this set... Well it's the normal insane, not extra insane...
  2. It sounds like "hoards"/regular infantry really have it stacked against them this edition, unless there's going to be some more favourable rules coming. Otherwise I don't think the Blast 6 should have kicked in until 15+ models for example... Vehicles firing into combat is super awesome, hull and sponson flamers finally acting like they should. I wonder if vehicles can disengage close combat freely by just driving away... To be honest I miss 5th edition things like cover acting as an invuln save, and the vehicle armour system including the ability to damage weapons etc. Really not a fan of flashlights being able to damage the heaviest vehicles on a 6+. But then again I suppose that's the edition I played most so there will be some rose tinted glassed. I'm a more fun and atmosphere than rules and balance kind of guy though...
  3. Come on guys don't make me bump my own thread 😛 So despite not planning on playing until 9e releases, and only knowing one other person so far in my country town who plays... I'm already bit by the terrain bug again. Even found my old hirst art molds! Dead easy to bang out a bunch of blocks using them, I've got a cobblestone castle style mold and a sci-fi bunker block one. Made some nice buildings back in the day, which I assume all ended up forgotten about and "donated" to the FLGS!
  4. So not much excitement for 9e here? Plenty of rules and stuff unveiled in the last two weeks...
  5. Looks real nice, just needs a Tallarn army to fight!
  6. Yeah I've been following that, I'm just talking about cooking a house rule to get templates, scatter and guess weapons back into the game ala 5e 🙂
  7. Incredible, that's a lot of really nice work! I've always really wondered about complex RPG boards like that. If you went to a special event and used it in a one off it'd surely be a memorable and great experience, but if you had it in your shed I'm sure you'd get bored of having a campaign coincidentally take place in Cybertown CBD for the 12th time!
  8. Myself, just doing the first bit of painting in at least 5 years. Touching up some of my "rainbow" IG which is full of different mini lines. Behold the awesome power of washes! Here we have base colours, washed, then some attempts at highlights. I've been doing some shed work lately, fixing up an old trailer, and happily a "5ft rule" also applies for metalwork and painting. The 50/50 rule, does it look okay from 50ft away or whilst doing 50mph? Then you're sweet!
  9. Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but how about a thread for whatever you happen to be working on and want to share. If it's not worthwhile (or you can't be bothered) making a whole thread for your project, or you're just doing something on the side, show it and discuss it here!
  10. Say Krefey can you enable the "location" field for our users? It'd be nice to share our state/town under our avatar on the left like many forums do. (I assume it's an option just not enabled here...)
  11. My mate and I miss the old template weapons. There was something enjoyable and tangible about being able to scatter shots, compared to this DX attacks then roll to hit these days. [not that I've actually played 8e...] I'm trying to think of how we'll bring back templates for our games. One thought I had was using the flamer template, and blast templates with scatter, like 5e, but instead of counting hits on a per-model basis, using the new DX rules instead. So if a grenade launcher was fired at a squad using the small blast template, then scattered so it would be covering one model in the traget unit and one model from another unit, then both units would take D6 automatic hits (or whatever the weapon profile is). Or a flamer would use the old teardrop, and whichever unit it touched would cop the D6 flamer hits. Sounds like a workable half-way system, though I guess Earthshaker cannons would be a bit OP with their pie plate if they're doing 2D6 to units they hit... But then again it's just for funsies. Any thoughts?
  12. It still boggles the mind how such an insanely good quality adaptation was made right when they nuked WFB... My recommendation for the best "overhaul" mod is the "Grimhammer" overhaul, which improves the game in so many ways. Especially in that it gives factions more interesting choices for your buildings in towns, instead of vanilla where there's often a very clean cut optimal town build you just spam everywhere. It also makes town garrison units linked to your buildings, like older TW titles. For anyone who has played neither game, I advise to start with the first game. It stands up really well on its own, and the campaign is different from the "mega campaign" in 2, so I still really advise people play the first game first. And then you get to move onto the second and all the small improvements it made!
  13. I think in 5e it was more like 5+ for ruins etc, with 4+ being if you were actually in a hardened trench? In any case, I think it represented the abstract of cover better than modifying the armour class.
  14. Which I think is fairer and makes more sense to be handing out small chances for chaff to survive heavy hits rather than elite troops getting that extra armour padding against -2 and -3AP. I dunno I just liked the 5e mechanic, made cover saves feel like they related to target obscuration better, and even terminators could get a hail Mary against AP2 wounds.
  15. I guess I mean adding to an armour save makes cover stronger for elite units, whereas the "cover is a special invuln save" makes it work for light units that suffer from commonplace -1AP.
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