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[Project 2021] A Table to Fight People On

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Let's get this show on the road!

I recently moved house and one of my key goals when moving was to have a gaming table to have friends over. However, starting from scratch is always hard. There's a lot of options out there. So to generate some momentum, I stole some inspiration from my Dad and used a bunch of buildings from the lads at Miniature Scenery.

The initial progress looks like this:


Now, we are far from done here - this is just the beginning. I have organised some custom bases from Krefey's side hustle, Laser Shark Designs.

Next Up:
-Stick the buildings on bases
-Decide on a color scheme (Thinking 'grey' and 'lighter grey')
-Maybe organise a different mat that better fits the aesthetic. Maybe.

And of course, double-up and cover all the action on my blog. I'm thinking monthly updates for both. Maybe even include a battle report.

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As two 'bonus' objectives, I have the following two goals:
-2,000 points of Tyranids painted in New York Giants colours (named after the 'Big Blue Wrecking Crew')
-'Finished' Orlock Gang for Necromunda (which will involve purchasing another box and the FW upgrade kits)



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*rubs hands with glee*
Alrighty, updates, updates time!

After much umm'ing and ahh'ing I decided to bite the bullet and start somewhere -  I decided to do the building base seperately prior to painting the building. So, where to start? Well, how about a mixture of PVA, Water and Sand to generate some texture on the base. Then a blast of army painter uniform grey once dry:


Then an airbrush coat of a darker grey than the grey I rattle-canned onto the base, followed by a drybrush of a lighter grey, then a lighter grey again and voila! One terrain base. In a sort of "you got this, brother" moment, the previously warped MDF base even decided to unwarp itself a little.


One base, which my minion couldn't wait to investigate prior to rattlecanning the building:


One rattlecan later and by dumb luck I had stumbled onto the exact result I wanted - a lighter grey for the building than the base:


I then completed the building in a very brief dark grey, red and gold - picking a dark, burnished gold to make it look like copper. Did it work? You be the judge:



It looked a little plain initially, but it is growing on me. Once I get the right mat and get some more buildings done in the same style, I have every confidence in being won over. Must get a bigger brush, though.

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Alrighty! More Updates!

Although with a bit of doubling back. Turns out I was very unhappy with using expensive and hard to source paint, coupled with the agony of trying to airbrush a huge base with what feels like a mosquito's... *ahem*

So I whined and moaned to my friends who have a background of sorts in this stuff and more years of hobby experience than me. Their solution? Try using spak-filla and housepaint. So I got some product recommendations, made a lunchtime sojurn to bunnings, watched a youtube tutorial, and had a go at rebasing my first building.

Step one - flash the spak:


Step two - apply the hauspaint:


Step three - drybrush:


Step four - ????

Step five - PROFIT!



This method uses more mundane household items, that are much easier to get ahold of, for a better result - in my mind, anyway. I've started texturing the next base for the next building - then will do the next terrain piece. Sometime between all that excitement I will varnish the first building.

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On my way, whacked the terrain - including some unpainted bits (boo! hiss!) on the table for a game of combat patrol with my new deep cut studio mat to match the bases so it doesn't look so weird.



Still a way to go and I think this particular layout was a bit shit - and I want to organise some bases for the shipping containers to put into smaller areas as flexible blockers. I tested it, they're taller than most infantry and make perfect pocket hiding spots.

I also think I need a bit more scatter terrain to add character - but I'll sort that next pay cycle.

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Update time!

For those that do not wish to read through six posts for the #goodstuff, I made a summary on my blog. It's largely the same.
Anywho, I finished another piece of terrain. I nearly mucked this one up with a bad coat of varnish, but after having another whine to the resident terrain kings, I tried another coat of spray varnish, it rose from the dead. 




Unfortunately I decided to repaint the terrain base and ruined it just a teensy tiny bit with a brush that was too wet and not allowing the hauspaint enough time to dry, but it still fits the rest of the terrain.

Also on the way are some barriers and more scatter terrain, to add a little complexity and depth to the table when you're not on or inside the building. Primarily for Necromunda.

Updates soon, fellow forum'ers!

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So I have been progressing, but have also been a lazy sod and not been taking photos of my progress. After saving that building I managed my fifth piece of terrain, bringing me up to five total. 

I put up my first battle report on my completed table, which you can read here. But here's also a teaser of what my 30x44 looks like prior to bloodshed:


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