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  1. I need a little motivation to get back to the painting desk. I think I may jump on board with a Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith. I will try to get a photo uploaded as proof of concept tonight. I figure Dwarfs are half a model aren't they? Should be achievable.
  2. Looking awesome. I have never heard of this game before. But the models are really nice. How does the game play?
  3. Thanks for stopping by Plasman. I am happy enough with how the scenario worked in the context of the Campaign. Looking forward to taking the roll of defender to see how it plays out for my Necron, not sure the result will be a whole lot different unless the dice gods are truly with me and I can get some early units to appear which my poor opponent didn't get. Board wise it is Korocite's terrain which I am really blessed to be able to game at his place. Such lovely work he does. Can't wait for you guys to see the river he is making for the next "main" game our Inquisitors have lined up
  4. Hi all, little hobby progress has been achieved since my last update. Not entirely sure why, little ill health stopped my previous enthusiasm and haven't been able to recapture it. But last night we managed a 40k game continuing on the campaign of Inquisitor Dial and Tasetus as they seek to recover STC fragments on a heavily forested world. Last nights game had Inquisitor Tasetus (my puritanical Witch Hunter of Ordos Hereticus) investigating some strange energy signals that stemmed from four "Gates". The scenario was written by yours truly and I will get to the rules of it in a little
  5. They look really nice, just need to find a suitable Minotaur to finish the group off....methinks a red robed Wizard may need to make an appearance at some point in the future.
  6. I am hoping that by our next game I will have at least one of the GW plastic buildings I have had secreted away for many, many moons done. I have a couple of Guardhouses and Chapels. I believe that they were designed that you can connect a guardhouse and chapel into a single larger building, which since i have duplicates I may make one permanently into a the larger version. Still need to get into gear and do the castle walls. But I want to fill them with expanding foam to give them a little more integrity. I will probably paint them with house paint again since it seemed to wor
  7. Can't believe it was January when I last updated. Guess their goes my attempts at being more consistent with my progress updates. As it has turned out I have been very quiet on the Chaos Dwarf front (only just gotten back to working on them this morning whilst at work). But I have been doing other things. Have started a semi regular Mordheim campaign with two other friends, one running Beastman and I expect the other to switch between several different warbands (have faced Lizardman who are really tough and Tileans so far). I on the other hand have dug out and dusted off my much belov
  8. Thanks tzurk for stopping by. I think the game was still entertaining, one of the benefits of the campaign is the opportunity to play NPC armies (in this case my 'Nids) against one of the Campaign armies. It will be a little while before the two Inquisitors meet face to face..... So on with some more updates, this time we had a game of Kings of War, I took my Tomb Kings playing as an Army of Dust, taking on a Beasts army. This is one of the few times my regular opponent and I didn't discuss what army we were bringing along and it actually was kind of interesting wondering what the
  9. So I have been away from the forums since well before the Christmas break and as much as I would like to say I have been extremely productive that would be a lie. I tended to lay low and just try to find wherever my motivation had wandered off to. This is not to say that I have been completely idle. I have had a couple of games with my regular playing partner which I will put some photos below (and try to remember what the hell happened). But I have mainly been focusing on getting a heap of terrain assembled ready for painting. My Wife was kind enough to furnish me with a LOT of laser
  10. Been lurking for a little while. Love your Aeldari in particular. how are the battletech rules? I always wanted to get into it. But found getting the models a royal pain.
  11. How would someone get the rules for Epic these days? Is there a particular edition/version that most people conform to or is more this is what I have? Also, is there a good place to get Epic models or are they more a grab what you can, when you can?
  12. Cool looking team. I really like the road base the bike is on. Simple but effective, never thought of doing something like that. Not that it suits the 40k aesthetic (which is most of my work) but will keep it in the back of my mind. Also really like the "Giant's Causeway" that they are all displayed on.
  13. Think that Daemon Prince is one of the greatest Daemon Prince conversions I have seen. Definitely interested in ripping off your build. Amazing work and the sculpt for the wings is seamless. Great work.
  14. So I took a break from the Bull Centaurs and the like to focus on finishing off the terrain I started with the rust experiment. Happy to say that the pipe network is all done now and even though it is pretty simple in the final wash-up, I like it. Obviously as it is terrain I tend to be a little looser with details as I want a nice back drop for games and models, not a scene stealing piece (well that is my excuse anyway). On to some pictures: So this is the entirety of my pipe terrain. Most of the detail is laser cut MDF glued to cardboard tubes. I use pretty thick cardboard t
  15. Is there a need for prizes beyond bragging rights and the warm, fuzzy feeling of recognition from your peers?
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